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My Journey in Life has Made Me Many Friends ©

(By Wayne L. Misner,

   I am an only child. I had to learn from my early years how to entertain myself. I was raised by a divorced mom who worked most of the time. Many people start life’s journey by having those who surround them become their friends first. My life canvas was blank without others around me. Friends come in many sizes, shapes, and ages. Some are human and some are animal, yet they become a special friend. They also come in different emotional depths. I was jealous of those kids who had brothers and sisters to play with or fight with. I saw them as each others friends.  

  As years passed by I would meet and play with many, but never had a best friend. I had many people at each stage in life; boys, girls, cousins, aunts, uncles, teachers, and team mates playing sports, fellow scouts, army buddies, and many more.

   I look back and think I didn’t need one best friend. All I needed was the memories of those many friends I have touched and those who have touched me over the years. It is said that friendship isn't a big thing - its a million little things. I still see their faces in my dreams and think, “Until we meet again”.

  Friendships formed and faded as each page of my life was being written. School buddies, camping buddies, fishing buddies, gym partners, and a lot of working buddies. Losing friends who shared my smiles and my pain has caused holes in my heart.

   Most of these friendships were formed during unplanned trips in life’s travel. We would touch each other for a moment in time and move on to the next chapter of life. As we took these different paths, no matter where we would go, we took a little of each other with us. Whoever thought I would look back at our laughter with tearful eyes.

  Some of these friends would play with me, others shared their writings, some fought with me side by side, some cried with me, some I hugged, or kissed and others just shook my hand. I realize the happiness and pleasure that knowing them has brought to me. All, I love with the fibers that hold my heart together. Most provide good memories, some bad.

  Laughing, playing, and making love; all the words that fill the pages that make the story of my life complete.  

   I remember the deep emotional bond one shares with those who have touched my heart as well as those that have broken it into many pieces. Many memories make me laugh, and feel warmth and yes, shed tears.

   Most people think of a friend as someone that travels with you life’s entire journey and is a significant and constant part of your life. Others think of friends that move into and out of your life cycles here on earth.

   I think of friends as colors of paint. Each has touched my life canvas. Their touches have made a master piece painting that will hang in my museum of art forever.